The Respect Program Learn about respect and why it's important to everything we do.
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What School Teachers should know about our Program

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What is The Respect Program?  

The Respect Program is a free educational assembly program that teaches students about respect for people, property and the environment. This interactive assembly is geared toward second through fifth graders and meets many of the Pennsylvania Department of Education academic standards.  The program was developed in 2007 and since its inception has been presented to over 100,000 students in hundreds of schools across southeastern Pennsylvania.

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What Teachers Should Know


Each year, THE RESPECT PROGRAM travels to schools to help students build a better understanding of the importance of respect. Here is your chance to show the community what RESPECT means to you! Poster Contest Rules: The contest is open to all students in grades 2-5 who have attended the Respect Program assembly. The deadline for posters is May 1. The finished poster must be no larger than 11” x 17”. Students should use pencil, crayon, paint or any other medium. Only one entry per child can be submitted. Parents or sponsors are limited to verbal assistance only. All drawings must be an individual effort and be free-hand originals. No traced pictures, please. Think about ways to include the program name, website name, mascot and respect in your poster!

Entry forms MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian’s signature of permission. Entries without this information will not be eligible.
Please mail poster and entry form to:


Poster Contest
2650 Audubon Road
Audubon, PA 19403

All posters will be considered property of J.P. Mascaro & Sons and will not be returned.Privacy Note: THE RESPECT PROGRAM and J.P. MASCARO & SONS will not share any of your personal information with anyone outside of our organization.

The Respect Program and J.P. Mascaro & Sons would like to acknowledge students who are standouts in their classrooms, schools, and communities with the STAR STUDENTS OF THE YEAR Award. Click Here to learn more about our STAR STUDENTS OF THE YEAR Award.  

What will the students learn during the presentation?  

Students will be educated about the importance of respect and how it relates to everything around us.  
Click Here for a brochure about the content of our program.  
What can I expect when the program comes to my school?
The Respect program incorporates valuable and important information with a fun and interactive program.  We bring with us all of the necessary equipment and materials.  Click Here for a press kit about what to expect on the day of your presentation.  
How can I book a presentation of The Respect Program?

Booking a presentation of The Respect Program is as easy as making a phone call.  Please contact Nicole Hager at (267) 933-6156 to book a presentation.  Prior to calling, please have a few available dates in mind. The program itself will last approximately 45 minutes, however, a one hour time frame is encouraged for booking.  Presentations can be booked in the morning or afternoon hours.  
Are there any hidden charges associated with The Respect Program?  

No.  The Respect Program is sponsored by J.P. Mascaro & Sons, which allows us to present in elementary schools free of charge.  
This program is one of the many ways that J.P. Mascaro & Sons gives back to the community.    
What is The Respect Program Education Grant?  

Schools who host The Respect Program are eligible to apply for The Respect Program Education Grant.  Click Here for more information about this grant.  
Can you provide references for The Respect Program?

References from schools who have hosted the program are available up request.  See below for articles that have been written about The Respect Program.