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The Respect Program has visited a Number of schools

This is what teachers and parents are saying about our program

February 2013

Hello Respect Program,

I just wanted to write and thank you for this wonderful program. I am not sure if you know how wonderful this program is for kids. My son Tyler was the Grand Prize Winner last year. Tyler was at Conshohocken Catholic School and was having a hard time with the school closing when the Respect Program came to his school.

It really gave Tyler an understanding of Respect, People and Property but it also made him proud of himself for doing something like this and winning. It really changed him. Tyler started a new school in September. He has a had a very hard time adjusting, at the dinner you gave out green braclets Tyler still has his on from June! When he thinks about things being hard or someone being mean he says “Mom, I just think of the Respect program” it really has given him confidence. We have his poster hanging in our living room and he has even done stories about winning for school project, but what it has done to help him through things is amazing!

Today at school made me think again how awesome this was. Tyler entered a contest drawing at school. The contest was going to be for a homework book design for next year. It came down to Tyler and his really good friend and they were tied....the teacher had two numbers she really could not make out so they were deciding what to do and Tyler said it's ok let her win it was my number. When he got home we told him how proud of him we were for doing that after all his hard work and I said Tyler are you ok with what happen? and he said “yes, Mom I had a chance to win for the Respect Program and now I want her to have a chance to see how good it feels, it’s just the way I am he said” I was so proud of Tyler but I was so thankful for how much this has really shown him. Tyler is a very good child as it is but this program kinda just showed him how wonderful people can be to. I hope you keep doing this program. We just wanted to thank you again for an amazing experience.

~Amie Panzer



February 13, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing about the RESPECT Program that presented at our school this year.  If you are thinking about reminding your students about the importance of respect in your community, then you might like to have the RESPECT Program that has been produced by J.P. Mascaro and Sons visit your school.

Their program initiates thoughts about respect of ourselves, each other, our community and our environment.  The program is interactive with students taking part in a Game Show activity as they think about the best ways to show respect.  They also include a nice segment on the importance of recycling – which is a way to respect our environment.

The younger students in the crowd love the fact that Dumpo, the blue elephant, arrives to shake hands with them.  Students are also presented with a nice folder of activities that includes an activity book, pencil holder and a ruler that they can take home.

Our students, grades 2-5, enjoyed the assembly and I think it would be a worthwhile activity for any elementary school who wants their students to think about respect in their community.

Diane Golrick
4th Grade Teacher
Richland Elementary School


Our school enjoyed the opportunity to gather for a free assembly presented by J P Mascaro and Sons titled “The Respect Program”.  We conduct six whole-school assemblies based on our “Pillars of Character” (Responsibility, Respect, Caring, Trustworthiness, Fairness, and Citizenship) throughout the school year.

J P Mascaro and Sons worked with us to schedule their free assembly to coordinate with our schedule of character assemblies.  The Respect Program took the place of our regular assembly format, and the students loved it.

Children from all grades liked the Family Feud game format.  They had fun meeting Dumpo, and they enjoyed the chance to participate!  The program nicely reinforced our program goals on Respect, primarily the Golden Rule, and the presenter managed the gym full of excited students very well.  On a Friday afternoon no less.

I’d recommend the Respect Program to any elementary school looking for a meaningful and fun way to explore the idea of Respect.


Clif Beaver
Unionville Elementary School



6900 Summerdale Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19111

To Whom It May Concern:
Our school enjoyed the opportunity to gather for a free assembly presented by J P Mascaro and Sons titled “The Respect Program”.  We conducted three assemblies in one day so that each of our grades from K-5 would have an opportunity to participate in this wonderful program.  J P Mascaro and Sons worked with us to schedule their free assembly to coordinate with our schedule so that all of our 1200 students could be involved in the positive message delivered from assemblies.  The feedback from teachers and students was very worthy.
The program nicely reinforced our school goals of Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Peaceful and Be a Problem Solver.  The presenter managed the gym full of excited students very well and gave away Respect folders with pencil cases with erasers, pencils and rulers.  Also included in the folder was an activity booklet for the students to use in the classroom and in their homes. 

I’d recommend the Respect Program to any elementary school looking for a meaningful and fun way to explore the idea of Respect.


Michelina Serianni
Assistant Principal
J. Hampton Moore Elementary School

February 15, 2013

J.P. Mascaro provides a wonderful three-part program that focuses on respect for people, property, and for the environment. The Respect Program begins with an age-appropriate assembly. Second through fifth graders are given the opportunity to share their thoughts on care and respect. Ms. Nicole Hager and her fellow educators then move on to bring their message of respect to the children with a fun, informative, and interactive presentation. The students anxiously participate and anticipate the appearance of Dumpo, the company mascot. Each child was given an activity book and a bag of supplies to reinforce the concepts. The assembly was easy to schedule. The presenters were prepared, knowledgeable, and on-time. The presentation was just long enough for the age of the children attending.

The Respect Program includes an optional art contest so the children can have an opportunity to creatively express their ideas. The J.P. Mascaro Company provides wonderful prizes for the winners. The Respect Program includes an option for the winners.
The Respect Program has an education grant piece. The grant gives schools an opportunity to share ways to incorporate the value of respect. The J.P. Mascaro company will provide a generous monetary grant to selected schools.

All around – a wonderful community service!

~Donn a Contino

The Respect Program provided a fun and interactive way for our members to learn about the importance of recycling, and about how to apply those lessons to their everyday lives.  Our Boys & Girls Club members LOVED visiting with Dumpo and eager for the elephant to return!

~Jennifer Jarrell

Indian Valley Boys and Girls Club

I wanted to say I think it's great that the Respect Program is going strong for your company. Thanks for helping out the schools with the respect and having an environmental message.

~Lisa Burns, Upper Merion School District

I was so impressed with your program! Everyone was very nice, it was organized and very informative. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it! I learned alot! Thanks so much for giving our children the knowledge to respect our environment, AND themselves/each other. We really appreciated the whole day! Thanks again!  

~Holly Rutt